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22 NewbyBy hermit51 Answer · 171 ViewsLast post by Grizz61, 4 months ago
By Grizz61
4 months ago
New to BPCR and the RF versionBy smokejones2 Answers · 405 ViewsLast post by smokejones, 10 months ago
By smokejones
10 months ago
New hereBy ckruse3 Answers · 264 ViewsLast post by ckruse, 11 months ago
By ckruse
11 months ago
New RecruitBy SgtDog03111 Answer · 609 ViewsLast post by majorfs45, 1 year ago
By majorfs45
1 year ago
Just found out about 22BPCRBy Billinthedesert2 Answers · 473 ViewsLast post by Billinthedesert, 1 year ago
By Billinthedesert
1 year ago
New to forumBy Carney5 Answers · 532 ViewsLast post by Grizz61, 1 year ago
By Grizz61
1 year ago
Been a long timeBy Riflecrank1 Answer · 744 ViewsLast post by GeorgeC, 2 years ago
By GeorgeC
2 years ago
How to set your new passwordBy Bryan Youngberg1 Answer · 1,466 ViewsLast post by Desert Deuce, 3 years ago
By Desert Deuce
3 years ago
Welcome to the new website/forumBy OneShot4 Answers · 1,156 ViewsLast post by Don McDowell, 3 years ago
By Don McDowell
3 years ago