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2020 22BPCRA National Championship Match UPDATE

UPDATE ******** UPDATE ******* 3 July 2020

The Governor of New Mexico has reinstated a travel restriction that will require ANYONE driving into the state to self quarantine for 14 days. This was reinstated starting July 1st and she has indicated she will make a decision on it around July 15th whether to extend it or not.

As of now we are still hopeful we can hold this match as well as the 22BPCRA National Championship but I will keep everyone posted as things develop. We haven't cashed anyones entry checks and we really appreciate everyones patience and understanding. I hate to sound selfish but please pray this virus issue plays out soon (hopefully not just after the first week of November :? ) and we can get together and compete.

More to follow.

Kenny Tebbe
President, 22BPCRA
Co-Host of the 2020 International Showdown Match

Thanks for the update and I will shout out an amen.


I spoke with the WC Director this morning regarding self quarantine. The WC's legal advisor has indicated that if a competitor comes to the WC, checks in, stays on the grounds then yes that would meet the quarantine requirements even while participating in shooting events.. The rule calls for 14 days or the duration of your stay whichever is shorter so in theory you could arrive, shoot for 8 days and depart for home, all should be well. Social distancing rules will be enforced, and BS groups will have to be 5 or less folks but we can all live with this. If you enter any buildings you will have to have a mask on too. Since shooting is considered exercise you will not have to wear a mask on the firing line and as long as you stay 6' away from others you can be mask less behind the line too.

HOWEVER, they advise anyone who might be staying in town to check with your hotels management to see if they can accommodate you. Ultimately this is going to kill the Raton economy if all our competitors arrive and stay on the WC grounds, no local eateries and such, so it is speculated that local business owners are going to be very flexible with guests.

The Governor will reassess the situation on July 15th and may either lift it or extend of now this match and the 22BPCRA Nationals are still on track and a go but we're not cashing anyones entry checks just yet. Fingers crossed and firm up your plans.

Kenny Tebbe

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UPDATE **** UPDATE *** 16July 2020

UPDATE ***  2020 22BPCRA National Championship and the International Showdown BPCR Match **** UPDATE  16 July 2020


Due to the ongoing health concerns, travel restrictions and self-isolation requirements in place in New Mexico, the board of directors has voted to CANCEL both of these matches.  I can’t express how hard of a decision this is as many of us have attended these matches for decades and want to get together to shoot and fellowship.


All current/paid 2020 memberships will be extended to 2021 and we encourage you to attend as many local and regional matches as possible to keep enjoying our great sport.


All entry checks for the International Showdown will be shredded so you can void them in your registry.  As a side note, we have 91 entries for this match and hope to host it next year.


All checks sent for the 22BPCRA match will be shredded.  If you want to join the 22BPCRA and get a scorebook sent to you then please send a check for $16 to Kevin Griggs and he’ll mail you a new scorebook.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments you’re welcome to speak with any of our officers or directors or feel free to email me directly at