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2020 International Showdown Big Bore Match

UPDATE 21 May 2020 Update

As of this morning we have 69 entries in this match. Our cap is 80 competitors so if you're kicking around the idea of shooting, please send your entry is now. I will start a waiting list after we hit 80 but we can't promise you a spot to shoot. I have several entry forms indicating someone as the spotter or partner but that person hasn't entered yet.

As a reminder.....I have not cashed anyones check yet as I want to be 100% sure the match is a go before I do. I don't want to write 80 checks from my account and then send out 80 envelopes on my dime to refund folks if the plug gets pulled. So, thank you for understanding.

According to the WC staff as of today they are open but on limited staff and they have not cancelled any of their summer matches so fingers crossed.

Be kind to one another, cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze and wash your hands often....seems like the stuff my mom taught me when I was 5 still holds true today. Be safe

Kenny Tebbe

Thanks for the update.