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2020 is just around the corner, Are you ready for it?

We are quickly approaching the 2020 shooting year for the Association. We are starting our 9th year! Congratulations to our members for embracing the sport so well. Match directors around the country may request score books from our Treasurer, Kevin Griggs. Our current president, Kenny Tebbe, as announced we are going to keep the dues the same for 2020. With each renewal or new membership a member receives their new 2020 score book to keep your official scores in. Match director please contact Kevin Griggs to make plans for the up and coming year.  Members, remind your match directors they need to make plans for 2020 soon!  

We look forward to other successful shooting season for the association!



Cost of books still $15 unless they are mailed then there is an additional $1 charge?  There is no extra charge if bought from a match director or from Association Secretary in person?  Some confusion about this last year.

Thanks John.  We from Wyoming and northern Colorado are ready.  Shooting through the winter, unlike the wimps in the warmer climates.  LOL.


The $1 represents shipping and packaging.  If you get your scorebook in person at a match, thank the Director for going through the legwork of getting books and handling the sale and shipment of payment or unused books back to the Association.


K. Tebbe