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2020 National Match Dates

Hello everyone and soon to be Happy New Year.  The dates are set and the planning has begun to host another fantastic shooting event.  Plan to attend and join in the fun starting July 24th for practice and target testing (new chicken banks this year) with the competition starting on the 25th and wrapping up on the 26th.  Contact any of the Directors if you have questions or feel free to email me at


Well happy 2020 and thanks NRA for the unexpected change.  Your 22BPCRA worker bees are actively working on a major change, upgrade, grande surprise for all.


Stay tuned as we work out some details but will have info and dates to y'all shortly.


K. Tebbe

The 22BPCRA announces it’s 2020 National Championship match will be moved from its original dates to August 5th, 6th & 7th at the Whittington Center and is a three day, 60 shot daily/180 shot aggregate championship.

Additionally there will be a 2 day Big Bore BPCR match (organized and managed by the HOTSA and Smithmoor clubs) held on August 3rd and 4th, with a sight in and practice time on Sunday August 2nd.

Entry and registration information will be coming in the next few weeks but mark your calendar and be sure to call the WC in February for housing and RV arrangements.

Now the .22BPCR matches are in conflict with the International Schuetzen matches at WC.  Too bad more care isn't taken so conflicts can be avoided.

Not only do the new dates conflict with the Schuetzen Nationals but they are in direct conflict with the Lever Gun Nationals from which there are normally a lot of crossover shooters.


This doesn't affect me personally because l have no plans to go to Ridgeway  but l do think the date overlaps are going to negatively affect the attendance of all three events.


I've already changed my hotel reservations for the new August dates so...




You make a good and valid point Craig.  Not sure of the effect either, considering I have no intent on travelling to Ridgeway for Lever Nationals either, but both event will have some effect that is for sure.


O am in not way suggesting changing the dates again, just if we are lets get it settled before Feb. 1st if possible.  The reality is the NRA has put us in a No Good Win scenario, so we have to find a best win one.

Please let me know if I can help.