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2021 Texas Regional 22 BPCR Silhouette Match Scores

Following are the results of the 2021 TX Regional (60-shot) .22BPCR silhouette match held on May 14th.  31 shooters, including 6 from out of state, competed at the Yaupon Creek range near Columbus, TX.  The weather was excellent.  In contrast to last year’s regional match where the iron-sight shooters ended up with a higher average score, in this year’s match the scope shooters edged out the iron sight shooters by an average of 2 animals.  A special thanks goes out to the companies and individuals that contributed prizes including: Ballistol USA, Borchardt Rifle Corp., Hoke Long Range Sight Co., Brad Swenson, Creedmoor Sports, Inc., Graf & Sons, Inc., Henry USA, Krieger Barrel Inc., MidwayUSA, Montana Vintage Arms, The Single Shot Exchange magazine, Treebone Carving.


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