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.22 BPCR Matches at Cheyenne, Wyoming

Due to a lack of support by shooters in the Cheyenne area, there will be no more .22 BPCR matches at the Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club.

Sorry to hear that, Dick. The shooters don't know what they are missing......................


Don't understand shooters sometimes.  Cody Smith has matches in the dead of winter, and gets 30 shooters.  I schedule on a beautiful day in the Summer and get 5 shooters.  Guess I should be serving lunch!!!!!!

Just cannot justify spending  hundreds of my own dollars and hours getting the range ready and then have no one show up.

You are right, they have lost a chance to shoot on a great range, home of .22 BPCR in Wyoming.  Picture of range is used on this forum's page.


FWIW, I'm sad to see this match go the wayside. That Cheyenne range was my favored place to shoot 22bpcr.