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August 30 CRC 22 BPCR Results

Saturday August 30 saw the 2nd 22BPCR match of the year at CRC.


Cool morning with the Sun warming things up quickly, light but very tricky winds.  I fortunately had a better spotter then I was in turn, thanks Jim.

All scores were shot scoped, I did attempt to shoot Iron in second match without a spotter, not a good thing.


First Match


                     C         P          T          F          Total                                


Grizz                 8          10         8          8          34                    Match Winner

Jim Goodnight         7          10         6          2         25                    High Spotter



J D Farmer            4          10         9          6          29                    1st AAA

Joe Kapler            2          10         8          5          25

Mike Venard           1          9         8          9          27



Lee Kleidon           0          10         5          3          18                    1st A




Second Match         

                      C          P         T          F          Total                                


Grizz                1          8          5          0          14                   



J D Farmer            5          8          8          4          25

Joe Kapler            4          9          6          7          26                    1st AAA

Mike Venard           3          10         8          8          28                    Match Winner



Lee Kleidon           1          5          2          6          14                    High Spotter




Stay tuned for the possibility of a regular monthly schedule 22 BPCR match at CRC next year.  Place your vote of a weekend day there might be a chance I can make it happen.


Grizz if you could coordinate that 22 BPCR match on the same weekend as the BPTR matches, pretty good chance I would make an effort to get down there. Could probably get Eddie to come down, and I'm reasonably sure Carol would shoot the 22 match, and we could with a bit of luck in the scheduling get our daughter and son-in-law to make the trip up for the 22 match.


I will have to see what I can do.