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BPCRA membership, junior shooters?

One of the shooters at todays 22 BPCR match brought along his 11 year old Son and Dad purchased a Score Book.  He asked about reduced membership fees for junior shooters and I anm unaware of this.  Can someone tell me the rules for junior shooters and the age breakdown regarding the Score Book pricing?  Don't want to have a problem when paying for the Score Books sold as there was no explanation about any reduced pricing that came with the books.

Never mind......I found the answer over on the old forum.

Just in case someone else is wondering about Junior Shooters......Junior shooters do not pay for membership.

Junior shooters are those shooters who are 16 years of age or younger.  Hope this helps.

Here's the text of the post from the old forum:


The Directors have determined that a Junior Free Membership Program should be initiated: 

a.    Junior Competitors (JR), less than 17 years of age, may receive free membership by having a parent or guardian, send the Secretary and Treasurer the name and date of birth for the JR.

b.    The JR will receive a score book and is eligible to compete in Sanctioned matches. 

c.    JR status ends on their 17th birthday, and will be required to have a paid membership to participate in Sanctioned Matches.

Are the Secretary and Treasure contact information going to be posted anywhere? Contact? For people outside the TX, OK, KS area we don't have direct contact with the association officials. I am a person with a Junior that would I need to get registered! Thanks!

Ty, we're working on it. I think the treasurer is working to get in to this conversation.



Thanks Bryan. You guys are making great changes!!!!!!!!

To be some help immediately, please look at the entry form for the National Match.  It has our acting Secretary's contact information right on it.

Paulette Forcum is our Vice President and acting Secretary currently.

Kevin Griggs is our Association Treasurer

and Yours truly, John Gage, is the current President.