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Last match for 2016 at the SR & PC

Hi, .22 Shooters,
We could not have wished for a better day in Stillwater, OK to shoot our last .22 BPCR match of season!!!!  Though we started out on the the cold side (31 degrees) it warmed up quite nicely to about 62 degrees at the end of the match.  The wind was very light, but tricky at times.
Couple of good stories for this match.  Harold Forcum and his grandson, Gunner Forcum take 1st place Master Scope (32) and 1st place AAA Scope (33). That 32 Gunner shot, got him in a shoot off for HOA Scope.  I know Paulette will be proud of them both!
The shoot off for HOA for Scope was with Bob Smith and Gunner Forcum.  Gunner jump up there and got two chickens out of 5 to put the pressure on Bob.  But calm nerves and a steady hand, Bobby match his two and then got the last chicken for a total of 3 coming out on top in the Shoot off and top honors for the day in Scope.
Raymond Ellis held off Kelly McNitt and Don Faulkenberry to be the HOA Iron winner today shooting 31.
(Attached is the score sheet of today's results.)
We were very pleased to see two few shooters to our match, Kent Shomber and John Madden.  We are going to have to watch these two.  They both posted very good scores for the first time at our range!  We hope to see both of them next year shooting with us again!  Jim Daughty was able to join us again from Joplin, Missouri.  We appreciate him making the drive again.
I don't know where this year went.  Seems like it flew by so quickly.  We have seen some great shooting this year, lost a few friends and gained some few ones shooting for the first time.  One thing I know is, that this is a great shooting sport!  I have been fortunate to make a lot of friends doing this.
I just want to wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year!
See hope to see you all in March!
Until then, Shoot Straight!
John Gage
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