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New .22s coming soon from SK!

One of our . 22 BPCRA directors, Daved Wiese, just shared a note with me about two new .22 rounds coming soon from SK.  They are called Flatnose "Match" and Flatnose "Basic".  I know many of you like shooting SK's .22 products and you might want to try some of these out when they come available.  See if this link will get you to the notice they put up: .  If one of you buy some and give it a good test, please report back here to your fellow members!

Maybe our .22 BPCRA game is helping making manufactures "sit up" and renew their research in making better and more consistent ammunition for going further than a 100 yards!


This ammo has made it to market and is available through Creedmoor Sports for $9.95 a brick....great price and available so time to test some.  KT