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New Recruit

Howdy,  Just started shooting 22BPCR last season, at Stillwater and OKC so far.   Been shooting a Crossno liner but in a mad hunt for a Ballard since that's what I shoot in Big Bore.  Just got into that venue as well.   Been shooting the old single shots for a few years and took the plunge into the BP world about two years ago.   Been lots of fun so far and got lots of help from other shooters and from the forums where we all know if it's on the internet its gospel:-)

Hopefully make the last match of the year in Stillwater this weekend.   Thought I'd dive into another forum so here I am.     Post number one.   John


We are glad you have found us and I know you are having a great time!  The bug has hit you for sure.  We look forward to you getting to come to Stillwater and OKC in 2018!