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New Rifle for 22 BPCR

I'm not sure how I would score my barrel for length.  17" or 28" are both correct.  I dont think barrel length matters too much though.

I own/have owned .22 target rifles built by some of the best gunsmiths/shooter including Harry Pope, AW Peterson, Eric Johnson, CC Johnson, Arthur Hubalek, and some that are very high quality but unmarked. The curious thing about them is that virtually every one has a 28" barrel. I've been curious about why they all used the same length barrels. I've spoken to a few serious collectors and shooters and none has an answer as to why. These gunsmiths/shooters obviously believed that 28" is/was the optimum barrel length for a competition .22. On the other hand I owned a Pope .22 rifle that weighed about 13lbs and had a 32" barrel, chambered in .22 short.

Quote from BrentD on March 9, 2016, 10:09 am

Clarence, what does a 28" #3 weigh?  I shoot a #2 in that length and it is no light rifle by any means.  #3s seem way too heavy for .22s but I know there are a lot of them out there.


I believe a 28" #3 weighs 6 lbs.  I just bought a CPA Pope style off hand and had 28" #2 1/2 barrel, cal. 25-20 WCF.  Also, had a matching 28" barrel assembly made in .22 RF.  Both have a really nice balance and in firing position I can't tell any difference in the two.

I have seen a post ASSRA some time back that gives the Winchester Barrel weights by # and lbs.  I will try to find the post and post the information here.

Here you go:

1/2 Octagon 28 inch barrels (no taper)

# 2   4 lbs 15 oz
# 3   6 lbs
# 4   7 lbs 5 oz
# 5   9 lbs 10 oz

Also weights are going to be a little different depending on (1) octagon straight taper, (2) octagon tapered, (3) 1/2 octagon tapered.




I have two CPA rifles and I ordered them with unfinished wood because I don't like the high gloss finish. I like the flat just Tung oil finish.

So just their standard wood has been very nice. Below is the .22. I have another .45 caliber for long range that should be ready next week and I will pick it up when I shoot Alma Mich next weekend. I hope their wood holds up for this one also.


Uploaded files:

Nice, Kurt.  Is that a DZ scope?

The Pope style Schuetzen rifle is bought is supposed to have a grade step up wood  and it doesn't look as nice as the wood on your rifle.

George that is a DZ scope and mounts. It works very good with the rifle. Very repeatable with the settings. I can go from the 100 yard to 200 and back to the 100 and it will hit center.

George I went to their shot twice to pick up my rifles and had a chance to spend time with Paul and Gail. They are very good down to earth folks. Just looking at the wood they had hanging around all looked fine. I'm more of a straight grain wood guy, don't get me wrong, I like the fine wood but I will settle for a barreled action mounted to a 2x4 if it hits center.

I will be talking with Gail about a Schuetzen rifle using Paul's 28 caliber CPA reamer. LOL at my age I should be selling off my rifles instead of getting new ones  build.

Kurt, I know what you mean about selling vs. buying.  Steve Durren is rebarreling  and some other stuff I don't need on an RB-1.  I decided that instead of switch barrels on my CPA Pope Schuetzen, I am having CPA fit a matching stock and action to my .25-20 WCF barrel.  I got a HiWall I plan on having rebarreled  to .25-35 WCF. Wa digging around in a mislabeled box (it had wife's junk) and found 4 bags of .32-40 plus I just had 100 rounds reformed from .38-55.  So with all this .32-40 I don't want to sell, I guess I will have to find me something to shoot them in. Got a mould, need a BS'er, and a de/recapper.  It never stops. It's addictive. LOL

CPA single shot rifles are exceptional