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OKC Gun Club August results

We got to have a nice day shooting at the OKC Gun Club last Sunday for their monthly match run my Match Director Mike Bassett. We were fortunate that his daughter's baby has decided to come on time and not early, so he could hold the match. That is a thoughtful daughter and soon to be grand daughter! We wish both Mother and child an easy delivery!
Mike decided we had time to run a 60 round match with the great target setters and re-settable targets they have there. We started with a touch of rain dropping on us and then it decided to rain hard for about 6 mins after the first two relays were finished. But after that it was smooth sailing for the rest of the day and we still got done before the heat of the day got us. (At about 5 pm and 100 degrees you could cut a piece of the air and take it home with you if you were in the mood to do so!) The off and on winds at OKC Gun Club is always interesting to figure out. With the early morning rain it was coming into our face from the north. About 10 am it started to switch to come from directly behind us from the south. It was more of a feel the wind on your face or back of your head day and checking the main wind flag on the right more than reading the mirage. That is what keeps bringing us back for more! Congratulations to all the winners!
The Match winner in Iron was Don Faulkenberry shooting 4 chickens, 14 pigs, 12 turkeys & 10 rams for a nice total of 40.
!st Master iron was Woody Liddell with a 32
2nd Master Iron was John Walters with a 27
The Scope Match winner was Dan Zimmerman shooting clean off the sticks (he was the only one that did!) and put 3 chickens with for a total of 48.
1st Master Scope was Glenn Ring with a 46
2nd master Scope was Tony Smith with a 45
3rd Master Scope was Randy Rannberg with a 44
1st AAA Scope was Paul Knight with a 40
2nd AAA Scope was John Anderson with a 39
1st AA Scope was David Clark with a 33
2nd AA Scope was David Smith with a 31
Next month (September) the OKC Gun Club will host a BPCR Regional will be held on Sept. 14 & 15 with a .22 BPCR match being held on Friday, Sept. 13. I believe there is still room if you would like to Participate in the matches. Let Jeanne Ring ( know if you are interested and she will let you know how to register for the matches.
One last note, the SR & PC range near Stillwater, OK is making some improvements to our berms this week and we will not be holding our regular scheduled .22 BPCR match this Saturday. But good news, Glenn and Jeanne Ring have volunteered to hold a .22 BPCR match at the OKC Gun Club this Saturday. Again, shoot Jeanne an email if you would like to attend. This is just a fun match, no food , no awards and target setters are working for tips.