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Original Stevens 44 1/2


I am new to the forum and 22BPCRA.  I have read through the rules and most of the forum and am concluding that an original Stevens with 44 or 44 1/2 action in .22 LR is approved to compete with period sights or scopes.  I have 2 rifles one iron and one scoped.  Our group locally is just getting formed for our first season and naturally there are lots of questions.   Several of us have Stevens originals in either 44 or 44 1/2 which spans the later 1800s into the 1900s.  Any comments on my question are appreciated.


The Stevens are approved and work well as several are shot at the Nationals each year.  Make sure all your wood meets the requirements and ask any questions you have as although you might have to filter the answers, you will get a lot of answers.  Good luck to your club on your first season.


Kenny Tebbe

The current Pres.

Those old Stevens make very good rifles for this sport. Mine has the heavy round barrel, and as well as it shoots I sometimes wonder why I ever got other rifles.