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Silhouette size


What is the silhouette size for 22 bpcr?  Also are there any recommendations for a supplier/manufacturer for silhouettes.



Glen, these are non NRA scale silhouettes


The sport evolved from full sized Black Powder Cartridge silhouette into something a little unique.


Dave Crossno has been the source of targets for most of us, I'm not sure if he is still having them made. I'll look for and post target templates that you could use to have targets made. They are cut out of 1/4" mild steel and are not damaged by 22 lr rimfire ammo.



Thanks Bryan

Here is one resource to get you started. The targets are correct while some of the information may be a little out of date.

Uploaded files:

We use 2/5th size targets from the BPCR silhouette full size targets.  If you go to D-Z Arm's website, Dan has also put up drawing of the .22 BPCRA animals for reference of their size.  I have attached copy of that here for you.

(If someone has access to a lasier cutter, you can call Dan and he has an autocad program he will give you to help you cut out targets from a full sheet of steel.)

Uploaded files:

Here are the target file that used to be on this forum and were approved prior to posting.

Uploaded files:

Does anybody have dimensions for the target feet ?

Our targets are 1 1/2 inches by 3 inches running cross wise through out all the targets sizes.  JG

When I look at the dimension drawings, it looks like the Rams, turkeys  and pigs are 2/5 size and the chickens are 1/5 size.  Is this correct or is my math out of focus again?

Yes, the .22 BPCRA animal target sizes are close to being 2/5's size.  But the chicken and the pigs are a touch smaller due to the shorter distance of 50 meters (2/5's  of 200 meters would actually be 80 meters) and 100 meters (2/5's of 300 meters would actually be 120 meters) at the pig line.  The ram line is dead on at 200 meters being 2/5 of 500 meters and the turkey line at 2/5 would be 154 meters. Targets were scaled down to look the same through your sights as with the big calibers.  The thought pattern was, that most club ranges already had 50, 100, and 200 meter/yard berms.  A club would only have to install one or two extra berms to have a complete range to start our style of matches.

You might ask whey didn't we go with NRA sizes targets?  Because this game was recreated to enhance and give practice to the regular NRA BPCR game in all matters, (except reloading, lol).  The amazing spin off was, the .22 game has taken on a "life" of its own and has grown into this wonder Association of shooters!