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SR & PC November 2018 Match results:

We were so fortunate to have such a great day to hold our last match for the year at SR & PC Range. Started out a touch cool at 35 degrees, but before the end of the match it was 72 degrees, blue skies and light winds all day long! Not only was the weather super, the competition was at super high level. Our scope Master class had a tied at 36 by two brothers, Kem and Bob Smith. Even after the first go around on the shoot off on chickens, it was still a tied! Kem however in the second round of the shoot off, got all cylinders going and posted "5 in row" winning top honors over brother, Bob. (Sure that was an interesting ride home for them, lol!)

Below are winners for the day!

IRON Class: Match Winner Woody Liddell with a 32
1st Place Master Iron:             Kelly McNitty with a 30
2nd Place Master Iron:         Raymond Ellis with a 29

SCOPE: Match Winner Kem Smith with a 36

1st Master Scope Bob Smith with a    36
2nd Master Scope Bill Wing with a    34
3rd Master Scope Glenn Ring with a 32

AAA Scope:
1st AAA Gunner Forcum 33
2nd AAA David Clark      26

AA Scope:
1st AA John Madden 27
2nd AA David Smith 24

All of us from Oklahoma want to wish you a Happy Holiday Season!