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Stevens 44 question


What caliber is the current Steven Model 44?  .22 rimfire ?

Crossno's liners are made to go into two calibers, .40 and .45. centerfire rifles.  He uses .40-65 and .45-70 brass cases to put the liners into.

Most likely this Model 44 Steven will not accept the Crossno liner.  Though it could be a great candidate to be re-lined if it is set up for a rimfire caliber.  If you are thinking about re-lining, I would want the barrel length to be 26" or 28" long.

I believe that Dave Crossno can also supply liners for .44 and .50 caliber rifles.

Yes my stevens is 22 long rifle.

I have a 40-65,45-70 and 44-77 Crosno liners. They shoot very nice, and are an excellent way to get into the 22bpcr game, but they are slower to load and fire, you don't want to spend to much time diddlin around or you will not get to shoot all the rounds in a relay.

Link to an article I penned on the Crosno liners 3 years ago.

Don, Yes, it adds a touch to your time, but once just have it in your routine, it goes very quickly.  Many .22 shooters use some little tool they have made to aid in the removal of empty .22 cases from the chamber.  I notice several Hepburn and Hi-wall rifle shooters use them on the line and they seem to finish just fine with all their rounds fired in the 8 minute allotted time period.

Having your routine down is part of time management when shooting a match. If you can get on your swinger in the first or second shot, then 8 minutes for sighters and 10 record shots shouldn't be a problem. I think a lot of shooters over-look the importance of time management, especially under constantly changing conditions during a match. The same thing holds true in BP matches, especially if you're wiping between shots. When I started shooting this game, I used a Crossno liner in my 40-82 Hepburn and never had a problem with time.

I never ran out of time when shooting the Crossno liner, but there wasn't any to spare, and usually the timer went off with in seconds of the last round going down range.

Last year in Cheyenne there were two shooters in our relay shooting the liner's and one never did get to shoot all 10, and the other didn't get to finish on one relay.

Great way to get your foot in the game, that will give you a feel for what sort of dedicated rifle you want.

I'm slow as molasses and have trouble managing time but mostly because every round requires assist with a dowel.   Liner shoots very well and I have only missed one target in the last three matches so it's manageable even for ol slow poke.   I'll be shooting it again this Saturday.

Question on the Stevens.  How about the trigger.  Are those single triggers a set trigger?