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Stevens 44 Trigger Job?

I just bought a nice Stevens 44 with a Badger barrel from one of the guys that has been shooting 22 BPCR for a while. He did well with the trigger as is on the rifle. It is a 2 1/2 lb trigger and is very nice. However, I am accustomed to a double set trigger on my Shiloh. On my Marlins I always did the simple trigger job and ended up with a very light trigger, if I planned to target shoot exclusively with the rifle.

I know nothing about disassembly of the Stevens or if a simple (not having to go to a gunsmith) trigger job is possible. I am not a gunsmith but am a pretty good mechanic and have always worked on my own guns except for anything requiring machining, drilling and tapping, etc.

Can someone point me to a video on disassembly and perhaps give me your opinion or experience on a Stevens trigger job?

If your advice is "leave it the hell alone" that may be the best advice of all.

PS. My first shoot will be in Wyoming August 17th so I have about a month to get my act together with the new rifle.


I had a Stevens 44 rebuilt and the gunsmith was able to clean up the trigger a bit. It sounds like your trigger has been worked on about the same. A single trigger Stevens probably can't be improved much beyond that.

They are really simple actions, I think you could take it apart and have no problem putting it back together. I've done an old Stevens 44 1/2 that way and the two are quite similar. Once you see how they work, you will have trouble finding a way to tune it much.



Thanks for the response. I have had several friends, all of whom are familiar with my rifle, tell me that it shoots very well and to just leave the trigger alone.

It is actually probably a better and lighter trigger than I ever used until I bought my first rifle with double set triggers.......and that spoiled me.