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Tappanhill Regional

Tappanhill will be hosting a two day 22 bpcra match on September 29 and 30th at the Tappanhill  Range , Delphos, KS.  Range will be open Friday for sight in and side matches.  60 target match Saturday and a 40 target match Sunday.  Matches will start at 9:00 am Saturday and Sunday. Lunch will be provided for Saturday and Sunday.  Email me at to let me know you plan on coming with how many rifles 1 or 2, and whether you shooting scope or irons.  Making this easy and if weather is bad and people cannot come then no one is obligated. I will make a list on all that I have emails for so far.  Thanks so much and I hope we have a full match, this is our only range fund raiser and it helps keep our range in operation.

Shooter list

1. Jeanie Ring

2.  Glen Ring

3.  Dan Zimmerman

4. Randy Ranburg

5. Don Faulkenbury

6. Scott Stephenson

7. Scott Stephenson

8. Jim Luke

9. Jim Luke

10. Kevin Griggs

11. Barry Miller

12. Ken Sterling

13. Ken Sterling

14. Gary Menhusen

15. Gary Menhusen

16.   Mark       Antes

17.    Mark      Antes

18. Harold Forcum

19. Paulette Forcum

20.  Dick Hennebry

21.  Barry miller

22. Jim Goodnight

23. Jim Goodnight

24. John Gage

25.  Bob Pyle

26. Kelly McNitt

27. Kelly McNitt

28. Larry Franciskato

29. Mark Jones

30. Brandon Petrie

31. Joe Scott

32.  Carol Scott

33.  Ava Lemaster

34. Liam Lemaster

35. Kris Lemaster

36. Bill Wing

37. Mike Moser

38. Dwight Dankenbring

39. Nick Resetz

40. Mike Basset

41. Owen Golay

42. Jay Lee

43.  James Lee


We have 30 spots filled so far 18 left.

We have 36 shooters 12 spots left

19 Master class scope

6 AAA  scope

2  AA Scope

5 Master Irons

4 AAA Iron

5 AA Iron

This is what I have signed up right now. Because the master Scope class is so populated I am going to add an extra class which will be Expert master class Scope.  If you have shot 2 scores of 34 or more this year you will be in this class. Please let me know if you have had two scores of 34 or more this year in your book and make sure you bring your books to the match.


Good for you Kevin.  Finally someone has the balls to make the change that has been needed for several years.  Now if the Association will get on the band wagon.

Relays and squads as they stand now, I can make adjustments as you the competitors let me know.

  1.  The Scott Family
  2. Barry Miller, Ken Sterling, Barry Miller, Ken Sterling, Owen Golay, Mark Jones
  3. Dan Zimmerman, Randy Ranburg, Bill Wing, James Lee, Jay Lee,
  4. Don F. ,Kelly McNitt, Kelly McNitt, Bob Pyle, John Gage
  5. Jim Luke, Jim Luke, Scott Sephenson, Scott Stephenson, Jim Goodnight, Jim Goodnight
  6. Harold Forcum, Paulette Forcum, Brandon Petrie, Jeannie Ring , Glen Ring
  7. Gary Menhusen, Gary Menhusen, Mark Antes, Mark Antes, Larry F, Dick Hennebry
  8. Mike Moser, Mike Basset, Nick Resetz, Kevin Griggs, Dwight Dankenbring

Kevin, What kind of side matches do you have in mind?

  1.   One will be called know your own limits. Prone
  2.    The other will be a one shot schuetzen target off hand closest to the bullseye wins.
  3.    There will be a long range card shoot prone