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Two new rules to go in effective Jan. 1, 2019

The use of a stool, box, bucket or armless chair can be used with your sitting cross sticks.

The other rule addition is the use of Benchrest style cross sticks can also be used starting in 2019.

These were voted on and passed at the Annual 2018 membership meeting at the Whittington Center.

The exact wordage of the rule addition will be presented here at a later time.

How the new Bench Top Cross Sticks rules are written and to be followed:

"The bench top cross sticks will follow the same dimensions and materials rules, but in place of spikes, they have a flat base of wood on the ground, no wider than 6 inches.  They will be free standing and not supported by chair or feet."

My question is, what does the “no wider than 6 inches” refer to, the size of the base (6” from left to right or front to back looking at it from behind as if shooting) or something else?  I’m new to the game.  Also, can bench-top sticks be used to shoot from the prone position instead of cross-sticks with spikes or only when shooting on a hard surface such as concrete?  Thanks, Dr.J

John Gage This is talking about the base of wood that the two cross sticks that support the rifle are attached to at the bottom. The Base has height, length and width. The rule is referring to the width. The base is to be no wider than 6 inches.
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John Gage To address your second part of your question. The bench-rest cross sticks are now legal to use as an additional option with spike or blade cross sticks.



The 6" is front-to-back as they are aligned when in use.  There's no limit on the length (left-to-right when in use).  Also, based on my understanding (I was one of the voters after the Raton matches) the "bench style" cross sticks can be used on dirt or concrete or on any surface while shooting prone.  But the official rules need to be updated ASAP so there's no confusion, especially for those considering using and making or buying bench sticks for 2019 match.


Here is the cross stick rule updated:

  1. "Cross Sticks-Two wooden legs, no greater than 1 inch by 2 inches in thickness and width or 11⁄2 inches in diameter, and bolted or tied so that the two legs are hinged and capable of pivoting. The end of the legs may be equipped with spikes no more than 3 inches in length and no wider than the edge of the crossed stick. One layer of protective material may be suspended or inserted in the “V” of the crossed sticks to protect the rifle. The non-trigger hand is considered artificial support when in contact with the ground and the rifle butt stock simultaneously and is not permitted.  In addition to the above rule Bench rest style shooting sticks are allowed.  The Bench Top cross sticks will follow the same dimensions and materials rules, but in place of spikes, they have a "flat base of wood" placed on the ground.  The base is to be no wider than 6 inches to attach the cross sticks to.  They will be free standing and not supported by the shooter’s chair or feet in anyway. (Approved at the annual meeting 7/28/18 to be effective 01/01/2019)"

This is the wordage for the use of a stool:

(b)  A shooter may sit on a stool, box or simple armless chair and use tall cross sticks to shoot the three “any position” targets. No shooting benches or elaborate shooting chairs will be permitted.

(Approved at the annual meeting July 28th, 2018 to be effective Jan. 1, 2019.)

Quick question, can the setting stool and cross sticks be tied together with a rope or string? I read the entire rule and that answered my question.