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Update ** 22 National Match

The 22 Nationals is filling very quickly and as of tonight I have 104 entries.  If you know of anyone who is talking about coming, please encourage them to send in their entry form....or if your shooting partner is dragging their heels you might want to send one in for them.  🙂  Here is the list of names who are entered as of now...but this changes daily.

Last Name First
Adams Michael
Autes Mark
Ballew Vance
Ballew Vicky
Barrett Savannah
Barrett Hope
Basquette Jerry
Baxter Frank
Bement Richard
Brasington Tim
Brownlee Sherman
Buchanan Craig
Burrow Lee
Bustamante Joaquin
Butler Charlie
Butts Jay
Calderone Ron
Clark David
Cole Ralph
Cole William
Danielson Brent
Dillman George
Dipboye Richard
Dodd Charles
Dykstra Clarence
Farmer Aaron
Faulkenberry Don
Fogler Steve
Fogler Phoebe
Forcum Harold
Forcum Paulette
Gage John
Galligan Tim
Garibay Bob
Garibay Robert
Garibay Michelle
Goodnight James
Gose Ken
Haagen John
Hager Edward
Hawkins Jack
Hennebry Dick
Hershey Jeanie
Hershey Robert
Jarvis William Butch
Jarvis Shirley
Kapler Joe
Kidwell Jimmie Boy
Krumm Jeffrey
Lemaster Ava
Lemaster Kris
Lemaster Liam
Luke Jim
MacDonald Daniel
Massarotti Bill
Mate Chip
McLerran Wayne
McNitt Kelly
Mehusen Gary
Miller Barry
Miller Kenneth
Mills Milton
Moritz Rick
Moser Mike
Nelson Russell
Nichols Willie
Niemeyer Del
Odor Jack
Oniel Lee
Paxia Fred
Rannberg Randy
Resetz Nick
Rice Brad
Rice Tyrell
Rice Gabe
Rice Tristann
Ring Jeannie
Ring Glenn
Romanik Peter
Ross Darron
Schmidt Tommy
Scott Joe
Scott Carol
Shuttleworth Gail
Skalko Carl
Sledge Al
Smith David
Smith Kem
Smith Bob
Stephenson Scott
Stephenson Richard
Sterling Kenneth
Stewart Graham
Tebbe Kenny
Tullio Sandy
Tullio Todd
Wasserburger Kenny
Wiess David
Wilson Hugh
Wing Bill
Wood Richard
Woodring Jeff
Wunderlich Kent
Youngberg Bryan
Zimmerman Dan