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Update on the Shooter's list for the National match as of 07-01-2021 (110 entries)

Alexander Kevin
Acklin Bill
Anderson Steve
Antes Mark
Bains Jack
Baker, Jr. Larry
Baker, Sr. Larry
Barnes David
Basquette Jerry
Belzer Steve
Blohm Jeffrey
Brasington Tim
Brownlee Sheaman
Burrow Lee
Calderone Ron
Canatsey John
Clay Finney
Cole Ralph
Cruz Jaryn
Danielson Brent
Delatorre Bob
Dirks Dan
Dodd Charles
Dorrell James
Dykstra Clarence
Faulkenberry Don
Forcum Harold
Forcum Gunner
Gage John
Gier Jim (JC)
Good Chris
Goodnight James
Goodwin Russ
Gose Ken
Graves Jake
Griggs Kevin
Griggs Kevin     2nd gun
Guadagnoli Tinker
Hager Ed
Hannaz Cary
Heinemeyer Gary
Hennebry Dick
Hershey Jeanie
Hershey Robert
Himelhoch Ed
Hladky Rick
Horvath Jerry
Jackson Frances
Jackson Jim
Kaiser Paul
Kapler Joseph
Lee Jay
Lee James
Luke Jim
Madden John
Malespini Jason
Malespini Justin
Markwardt Kimbal
Martin Kirk
Massarotti William
Mate Chip
McNitt Kelly
Menhusen Gary
Miller Barry
Moritz Rick
Mullins John
Nichols Willie
Niemeyer Del
Olivia Jen
Paxia Fred
Philley Seth
Philley Sonny
Reed Tom
Romania Pete
Rosenbaum Bryan
Ross Darron
Sauer Cecil
Sauer Cole
Sauer Chase
Schmidt Tommy
Scott Joe
Scott Carol
Scott Justin
Scott Mason
Shafer Robert
Shuttleworth Gail
Skalko Carl
Sledge Al
Sledge Doug
Sledge Doug    2nd gun
Smith Cody
Smith Coralee
Stephenson Scott "Grizz"
Stephenson Scott "Grizz" 2nd gun
Stewart Graham
Swenson Debbie
Swenson Brad
Tebbe Kenny
Tullio Todd
Vail Mark
Wasserburger Kenny
Wiese David
Wilson Hugh
Wing Bill
Womer Dan
Woodring Jeff
Wundrlich Kent
Youngberg Bryan
Zimmerman Dan
Zirkle Larry

What a great looking group we have for this year's National Match!  Even the weather looks like it is breaking for good shooting conditions too.

We have 3 members that are going "Ironman", shooting in both Scope and Iron Class.

Our current President and Match Director, Kenny Tebbe, has all prepared for 3 days of smooth running matches.

You will be able to check in at the Score Shack on Sunday morning right after the targets have been put out, adjusted and painted for Sight-in and some Practice.

Remember to bring your score books with you as you check in.  Scores will be posted in them and returned to you at the end of the 3 day match.

See you real Soon!