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Welcome to the new website/forum

OneShotHello all; my name is George and I go by OneShot (don't ask why!);

We're working very hard to update your site and hope you like the new look.

One of the best features of the new forum is how simple it is to upload a picture.

Please use responsibly.


Good work George.  Lots of effort by you and Bryan, I am sure.

BTW, is there as way that the front page of the forum can indicate which threads have new posts?



Brent, I'm learning how to manage this just like the rest of you folks. We'll all learn together.

Let me know if you stumble across an answer and I'll look also.





Was there a reason all the files on the old website were not dowloaded to the new website?  There was some very good information on the old website. Just wondering.

One other question.  How do you post an avatar?  I am not familiar with Gravatar.


George you go to that gravitar thing from your profile. Then you'll end up setting up an account with them, and then you can upload a picture that page will set as your avatar picture. It's a somewhat convoluted process, but patience and percervierence.

I need some help creating an account.  When I click on the link to "change password or create new account here" it just refreshes the existing page and tells me I need to log in.

What I'm trying to do is contact the Association to pay dues and join.  Our club in Fernley, Nevada is now hosting monthly .22BPCRA matches.  We would like to see about having them sanctioned by the Association.

I couldn't figure out any other way to contact the anyone.  I found no e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or street addresses on the site.

Jeff Krumm   (