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Make practice silhouette targets

I want to make some practice .22 BPCR swinging targets to put up at the actual distances my wife will be shooting in a match. Does anyone know where I could get templates of the correct size to make one target for each critter? I just need the right size and I'll trace it and paste or paint it on a board or some such and hang it up so it will move when hit. I have seen swinging targets on Amazon but they look like they are sized for one distance not for each of the distances. Thanks

Bryan Youngberg has posted the information on this site. It's the first post under the "Origins/History, Intent, Articles, Membership, Targets, etc" heading. There you'll find a link to the rules and the target size information. The last five pages are templates for the animals.


Hope this helps

Phxshooter thank you. That was exactly what I wanted. I'll be making targets tomorrow for next week at the range.