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New to BPCR and the RF version

I'm a schuetzen shooter.  A while back one of our older members started selling off his guns.  He had this nice 22 lowall I liked but didn't know why I needed it.  Then I remembered seeing the 22 BPCR match a couple of years ago in Raton, when the BPCR match was scheduled concurrently with the ISSA Nationals.

Having a good rationalization for getting the lowall, I bought it.  Then I signed up for the coming match in Raton next August.

Now I have questions that I didn't see answers to in the rules or NRA silhouette pamphlet:

  1. Are shooters allowed to use an off-hand rest while loading?

2. Cat's sells his "Quigley Shooting Sticks" ( that have a base instead of spikes.  Would those be legal?

More later, I'm sure.


Yea there are built in stands on the firing line at Raton, other places either let you provide your own or provide them for your use.

Altho a call to Cal-Graf for one of their "chicken" boxes might be something you'll be very happy to have done.

No the sticks with feet on them would not be legal at the nationals.