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Scopes for our game

Thought we should list some of the current makers of scopes that are legal for our game.

1. MVA Montana Vintage Arms offer several choices of scopes.

2. D-Z Arms is making an great 8x approximately 20" scope.  Plus, the offer a great unertl style mounts too.

3. Leatherwood 4x and 6X 19"scope

We have some guys making small quantities of nice scopes too.  I know Jimmie Summerfield makes a nice scope on occassion.  Sure there are a few more.

Many one know of another scope maker out there?  Tag on to this thread if you do!

For those whose budget doesn't permit paying the cost of a 23" or 28" MVA or a DZ Arms scope, there are some options with "vintage" scopes that are BPCRA compliant. Here's a list of scopes that comes to mind, I expect that there are a few more out there. The prices will range from $300 to $700, depending on model/condition. Keep in mind that "vintage" scopes, while cheaper,  don't have the optical quality of modern scopes. The up-side is that they do have the advantage of increasing in value over time since they are collectible. When looking at vintage scopes, keep in mind that micrometer/target mounts are preferable since they will allow easier/repeatable windage/elevation changes.

Lyman 438 Filed Scope (4x)

Lyman 5A (5x)

Lyman Target Spot Jr (8x - 12x)

Winchester A5 (5x) and B3-B5 (3x-5x) other various Winchester scopes (6x - 8x)

Stevens, various models

Unertl Small Game (4x, 6x)

Fecker Woodchucker (6x -10x)




I don't believe the Fecker Woodchucker is a viable BPCR or .22 BPCR scope.  It it too large at both ends.  Here is a picture of mine



hmph.  Apparently, this site doesn't like photos.  I thought it was supposed to be easier with photos.

Well go to this url [url][/url]

I'll try again


I think I like the old site better



I should have added the MVA B5 with target knobs will get you rolling for a little over $600 and it's a heck of a scope - brand new and backed by MVA, the best in the business and the biggest sponsor of .22BPCR.

Yes, the Fecker Woodchucker scopes have 1 1/4" objective lenses, and are therefor not legal. The earlier 3/4" target scopes are legal.

Is 8X the maximum power allowed in the scope class?  Thank you.

No max power limits. Just the size of the objective and the non-clickness of the external adjustments.


Thanks for your reply.


New guy here. Someone might want to re-visit the "History and Objectives" page that says scopes are not allowed.

The sentence reads;  " Scopes or sights with iris-type adjustmants are not permitted."  There are rules that define legal scopes that can be used in scope classes in .22BPCR Silhouette.