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soule vernier for Remington Number 2

I have a fine Rem #2 I'm restoring. This not my first rodeo restoring 150 year old Remingtons. I like 'em.

However, I'm having trouble locating a soule tang vernier for this rifle. The #2 top tang has a slight upward curve to rather than being straight. If I were to buy a soule from someone and gently file the base for a good fit, the geometry of the sight's staff in relation to the bore would be off. The staff would not be truly vertical to the bore.

Can anyone help with info?




I would suggest contacting Steve Baldwin  at Mechanical Accuracy.

Frogs, just interested if you found a solution to  installing a tang sight on your No. 2 roller.


Contact Curt Hardcastle.  He just did some major work on a Remington No.2 for me and one of the things he did was fitted a a MVA tang sight. I believe the base came from MVA.


I had the bases bent on Baldwin sight bases to fit on two of my # 2's.  They fit the contour of the receiver perfectly.